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Our production for April 2021 is:

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Welcome from the Chair of the Pied Pipers


On behalf of the Pied Pipers’ Committee I would like to thank you for showing interest in our Spring 2021 production The Musical of Musicals (the Musical!). I really hope that you find the audition information useful. Should you need further information or clarification on any point, please contact Laura, our amazing and very approachable Director/ Choreographer by emailing We are delighted that Laura has taken on this combined role and feel confident that her first show with Pied Pipers will be a great success. Our Musical Director will be Andrew Taylor, who has fulfilled this role numerous times for Pied Pipers. Normally he puts together a band, but this time he is the band as a solo piano onstage to accompany the performers.

2021 heralds Pied Pipers’ 70th anniversary. The group has staged a variety of musicals and faced various challenges over the years but, I think it’s fair to say, nothing to compare to 2020! In March we had to cancel our sold-out Grease,  just a couple of weeks before the run. We rescheduled it for April 2021 in the hope that Covid would be gone, or at least under control. When we realised that a big show like Grease was not viable for next Spring, we postponed it to September 2021, and thought about what we might do instead.

We decided on The Musical of Musicals, as it has a cast of four and can be minimally staged. We wanted a show to lighten people’s hearts and make them laugh, and we believe The Musical of Musicals fits this bill. For fans of Musical Theatre who have been starved of their fix, this show is the feast! Fast-moving, funny and packed with favourite composers, styles and lyrics to delight. A real tonic!

Pied Pipers prides itself on being a friendly, welcoming and all-inclusive group, and I really hope that you will experience us as such if you decide to audition. The auditions and rehearsals will, of course, be different, but we feel sure the creative team can make it fun while making sure that people’s safety is a priority.

‘The Show Must Go On’ has been a mantra for the past few months, and we really hope that this one will!

Madeline Harmer (Chair)

Production Team:


Director/Choreographer:     Laura Saunders

Musical Director:                  Andrew Taylor

Production Dates:


Sitzprobe/Technical Rehearsal:   11 April 2021

Dress Rehearsal:   12 April 2021

Show Dates:   13 - 17 April 2021 including Saturday Matinee

Rehearsal dates will be arranged directly with the cast and creative team. Please record all unavailability from January through to April on your audition form.


Contact details:

A word from the Director


Hello everybody, my name is Laura and I'm very excited to be the Director and Choreographer for the Pied Pipers’ production of The Musical of Musicals: The Musical! I'm thrilled to be bringing this lesser known, yet fantastically funny show to Cambridge, and I want to thank you for taking interest in coming on this journey too. This past year has been really tough on theatre, but I've never lost hope that it will return, and more than ever we need a show like this to put smiles on faces! I look forward to watching all your wonderful auditions!



The Musical of Musicals (The Musical!) is a musical by Joanne Bogart and Eric Rockwell. It is structured into five acts, each of which is a short musical parodying (and paying homage to) the style of an American or British musical theatre composer or composer/lyricist team, all dealing with roughly the same classic melodrama plot: "I can't pay the rent!”


Corn! is set in the style of the musicals of Rodgers & Hammerstein, featuring parodies of and references to Oklahoma!, Carousel, The Sound of Music, The King and I, Cinderella, Flower Drum Song and South Pacific. In Kansas in August, Jitter threatens that June will have to marry him if she can't pay the rent; Big Willy is torn between his desire to marry her himself and his desire for the freedom of his carnival-barker lifestyle, and Mother Abby advises her to "follow her dream", leading to a lengthy dream ballet and a happy ending.


A Little Complex is based upon the musicals of Stephen Sondheim (Into the Woods, Company, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, A Little Night Music and Sunday in the Park with George, et al.). In a New York apartment complex full of neurotics, Jitter is a mad artist/landlord who plots to murder his tenants, including bird-obsessed, indecisive Jeune, deep-thinking composer Billy and pessimistic alcoholic Abby, for throwing his artwork out with the trash. After many overly-complex lyrics and dissonant music, he does.


Dear Abby parodies the work of Jerry Herman, especially Mame, Hello, Dolly!, La Cage aux Folles and Dear World. Aunt Abby is an unconventional Manhattan socialite, adored by her neighbors, and her advice solves everyone's problems. In between costume changes, Abby manages to matchmake her nephew William and her geeky friend Juney-Fae and convince the stuffy Landlord Mr. Jitters to embrace his true self and become a drag queen. Much dancing follows.


Aspects of Junita plays upon the work of Andrew Lloyd Webber, including The Phantom of the Opera, Evita, Jesus Christ Superstar, Sunset Boulevard, Cats, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Starlight Express. In this sung-through pop opera, Junita hopes that becoming a superstar, despite her lack of talent, will allow her to get out of paying her rent from the mysterious Sir Phantom Jitter. As her boyfriend Bill bemoans the lack of communication in their relationship (due to the fact that they literally cannot talk), and fading diva Abigail von Starr advises her to go over the top, Junita falls under Phantom Jitter's spell, only for an errant Chandelier to bring things literally crashing down to a spectacular climax.


Speakeasy reflects the work of John Kander and Fred Ebb, chiefly Chicago, Cabaret, Kiss of the Spider Woman and Liza with a Z. In a speakeasy in 1930s Chicago, where half the characters are German, Fräulein Abby advises Juny to turn to prostitution to pay her rent; her boyfriend, Villy, is both gay and in jail, and is of no help; and the activity is presided over by the creepy emcee/landlord Jitter. All sing about how depressing life is and dance around in skimpy clothing.

After the end of "Speakeasy", the cast concludes the show by singing "Done", a parody of the song "One" from the musical A Chorus Line.


Character List


The villain, "Jitter" - Male, the landlord figure of each musical who demands the rent be paid or another form of recompense offered.


The hero, "Billy" - Male, the leading man and romantic interest who, in the end, valiantly offers to pay the rent, whether he can or not.


The ingenue, "June" - Female, the leading lady who cannot pay her rent.


The matron, "Abby" - Female, the older woman to whom June turns for advice, always with the words "Thank you Abby, that was so helpful”.




This year due to the current Covid-19 restrictions auditions will initially be held by self taped videos. Should you be shortlisted this will then be followed up with an online audition with our creative team.


We would like you to submit your audition tapes though WeTransfer - instructions included at the back of the audition pack. Should this be an issue please get in touch as we are also able to accept private YouTube videos.

Closing date for applications:  10th January 2021




Laura has put together a short routine for you to perform. Details can be found at




We would like you to record two songs using the following composers; Rodgers & Hammerstein, Stephen Sondheim, Jerry Herman, Andrew Lloyd Webber and John Kander & Fred Ebb. You may record these in whatever format suits you; self accompanied, backing track or a capella.


Please upload both your dance and songs as one transfer. Incomplete auditions will not be considered.

Apply for an audition using the form below:

Thanks for your interest in auditioning. Please submit your recordings as described.

WeTransfer upload instructions:

1. Go to


2. In the Add your files box, drag and drop your files onto the blue plus sign


3.Enter as the email to, then your email address and any message you want to add


4.Click the Transfer button 


5. If you haven't used WeTransfer before, you will be emailed a confirmation code that you need to enter before the files will be sent


You should get an email telling you that the files have been successfully sent, and another when we download them.


Download all of this information as a pdf file by clicking  here