"Fast, furious and streetwise" – our latest show!

Reviews are in! Our latest show is hailed as featuring "outstanding" vocals and "some fabulous, moving and gritty performances."

The cast of Green Day's American Idiot in a choral line, dressed in neopunk costume and stomping the stage.
From Backstage View's review: "...staging was good, comprising a two-story urban set, with the band in full view on the upper deck and the cast appearing in costumes that place them and set the scene and urban atmosphere well."

Check out Backstage View's in-depth review of our March 2019 production, Green Day's American Idiot, by visiting https://backstageviewandmorereviews.wordpress.com/2019/03/27/green-days-american-idiot

(WARNING: the review contains some spoilers – but if you stick to the opening and closing paragraphs you can avoid them...)

Social media has been alight with praise too. Local performance poet Michael Brown commented midshow to say "We are loving the performance. You all rock!" while other comments said the show was "engaging", "energetic", and "made my day!"

Yet others emailed the Pied Pipers Musical Theatre Club to say "the band were excellent and the harmonies lifted the show to a sublime level", and "We loved the drama which was portrayed with nerve-jangling reality."

Still not seen what they're all talkin' about? See if you're in time to nab one of the last few tickets from www.adctheatre.com!