Preparing to Pipe

The Pied Pipers Musical Theatre Club of Cambridge promotes the development of actors of all ages. Our current President explores our origins and our values.

It’s thanks to three Cambridge Grammar School boys that the Pied Pipers Musical Theatre Club exists today. Formed in 1951 by Rex Freeman and his friends, the trio did a great job in their youth and we, to this day, continue to promote the development of young actors. So, if you happen to spot a developing actor, please invite them to join our club.

The general attitude of our members is to work hard and do their very best at whatever they are asked to perform. Like any club, we have had our ups and downs in the past, but we have survived and grown stronger and we are looking forward to producing American Idiot and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang next year.

One thing I have always admired about our club is the co-operation between all aspects for a show’s production. Nobody is above anyone else: the entire team – stage technicians, those responsible for costumes and props, set designers and painters and performers – work together and are equally committed to creating top quality shows.

As well as quality productions, this camaraderie and teamwork can help to develop the skills of future directors within the club. There is competition within Cambridge of several mature dramatic groups and some members do apply their skills to other groups. However, many of our members have been with the group for a long period of time – up to 40 years!

A considerable number no longer partake actively, but support us from the auditorium. I would like to thank them for that. Their support remains highly valued by every member of the club.

We have had, and continue to have, some wonderful singers and actors with the skills and experience to perform professionally. We encourage and support our members to aim high and achieve this level of development. It is not impossible. So, those of you in particular, go for GOLD!

Marshall Patten,

President of the Pied Pipers 2017-19