Cambridge cast for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Congratulations to everyone who will be involved with helping Chitty to fly! The Pied Pipers are delighted and excited to announce the cast of our September 2019 production at the ADC Theatre will be...

Rodger Lloyd as Caractacus Potts

Davinia Fisher as Truly Scrumptious

David Waterfield as Grandpa Potts

Oscar Riley and Hallam Brealey as Jeremy Potts

Emily Selmes and Chloe Amour as Jemima Potts

Mark Ogilvie as Baron Bomburst

Rachel Bye as Baroness Bomburst

Richard Scarr as Boris

George Miller as Goran

Tom Heald as the Childcatcher

Oliver Hockin as the Toymaker

David Burke as Coggins

Richard Betts as the Junkman

Peter Dodds as Lord Scrumptious

Emma Harpley as Miss Phillips

The youth swing ensemble will be Lauren Ariano, Liza Barsi, Eloise Bowler, Lumina Besser, Marina Besser, Isla Burmby, Niamh Burmby, Beatrice Cole, Harry Easton, Jenson Glass, Laurie Jones, Zack Kahn, Martha Kirby, Will Lucas-Evans, Oliver Mannion, Henry Ong, Alexandra Scott, Rosalie Swales, Esme Taras, Ted Taras, Dylan Trueman, Zach Walsh-Wall, Lydia Ward and Jemima Wells.

The adult swing ensemble will be Libby Andrews, Charlotte Birch, Sarah Drayton, Chloe Forde, Naomi Mallabone and Imogen Warren.

The adult ensemble will be Alex Armstrong, John Atkinson, Heather Bell, Adam Bent, Catherine Betts, Eir Causey, Joanne Dodds, Emily Garner, Leonie Garner, Tom Greenhalgh, Rheanon Hanks, Abi Mann, Christine Poole, Shanta Sabnis Thomas, Samuel Smethurst, Connor South, Jazzmyn Tanner, Pippa Taylor, Lucy Waterfield and Alan Winfield.

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