Chitty made hearts fly

Every review for our Sep '19 production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang agrees it was "magical", "feel good", and "truly scrumptious"!

We were delighted to be joined on our first night by Sarah Colwell from Cambridge 105 Radio, who told the Breakfast Show that she and her 13-year-old daughter had been "weeping with laughter" at the antics of Vulgarian raconteurs Rachel Bye, Mark Ogilvie, Richard Scarr, and George Miller. They were impressed by many others within the cast also, such as our Truly Scrumptious (Davinia Fisher) who had "an amazing voice".

Sarah added that "taking [Chitty] to the stage could be problematic, but it really wasn't", instead describing it as "a lovely, lovely production[...] Everybody in it was superb, and we thoroughly enjoyed it." You can listen to Sarah's full review and discussion by clicking here.

Many of Sarah's sentiments were echoed by Ken Lucas, who also pointed out that bringing Chitty to the stage "presents significant challenges to theatre companies" – but he too felt these were "all met and exceeded by Pied Pipers." You can read his review by clicking here.

But the review that every amdram group holds its breath for is that from the National Operatic & Dramatic Association – the body that represents community theatre across the UK. So we were delighted to see that they were full of praise for what they dubbed a "very splendid production". Read their review by clicking here.

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