Idiotic Auditions

We always aim to ensure our auditions are relaxed, friendly and fun. Auditions for this show will be no different – despite the amount of swearing involved!


For the auditions, we would like you to prepare the short monologue here. You may be asked to repeat this more than once...

“March 15th.

What the fuck? Tunny’s dream turned red, white and blue but I thought good guys don’t wear red, white and blue. No-one seems to agree on anything these days. This city. It’s misting over the skyscrapers. The cement feels so damp. Yet pretty at once. Is life imitating me, or is rage imitating life? I feel like a civil war, like a knife in the heart. I got an ax to grind and it’s splitting my head open. No friends. No girls. I need both.”


For the auditions, we would like you to sing a song of your own choice, no longer than 2–3 minutes, but not one of the songs from American Idiot.

You should either accompany yourself or bring the music for piano accompaniment: no backing tracks or unaccompanied songs, please.

You may also be asked to sing scales or other vocal exercises so that we can check your range and voice quality.

To find out about the range of principle characters, click here.

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