Idiotic Direction

Director Megan Stickler-Sell with our social secretary Emma Harpley
Director Megan Stickler-Sell, left, with our social secretary Emma Harpley

Debut director Megan Stickler-Sell introduces her vision for the Pied Pipers' first foray into the world of punk rock extravagance, and invites you along to audition.

I am really excited to be working with the Pied Pipers and a wonderful creative team

to bring Green Day’s American Idiot to life on the Cambridge stage.

Set in a post 9/11 America, the show follows three friends trying to find their way in the world. Packed with sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll, the show brings to life stunning musical arrangements and big dance numbers.

My vision is to create something that is relevant today, while keeping the essence of

a gig feel for audiences to enjoy.

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A Welcome from the Chair of the Pied Pipers

Chair Madeline Harmer as Mrs Harcourt in "Anything Goes" – a very different musical to "American Idiot"...!
Chair Madeline Harmer as Mrs Harcourt in "Anything Goes" – a very different musical to "American Idiot"...!

On behalf of the Pied Pipers’ Committee I would like to thank you for showing

interest in our Spring 2019 production. Whether you attended the introduction

evening or found this audition pack online, I really hope you find it useful and

informative. If you need further information or clarification on any point, please

contact Megan, our amazing, and very approachable Director, on

In the 67 years since its inception, the group has performed a variety of musicals – but, I think it’s fair to say, nothing like Green Day’s American Idiot! We are very excited to be staging this high energy, dynamic punk/rock opera, which provides lots of opportunities for young performers – as musicians, singers, dancers, and actors.

Pied Pipers prides itself on being a friendly, welcoming and all-inclusive group, and I

really hope you experience us as such if you do decide to audition and join the cast.

Good luck!