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Spring 2022



Alan Hay

Antonia Ogilvie

Jilliann Law

Laura Saunders

Luke Thomas

Philippa Watts

Zack Szreter


Director: Tom Heald

Musical Director: Andrew Taylor

Breaking News: 'I Love You ,You're Perfect, Now Change' has been nominated by NODA in the Best Musical Category!

Our Spring 2022 show, I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change, was a witty musical revue that tackles modern love in all its forms - from the perils of the first date to marriage, children, and the twilight years. 

Through a series of vignettes and songs, an overall arc of relationships throughout the course of life is suggested – from dating, through the agonies of family to pensioners’ pick-up lines. This insightful celebration of our drive to connect pays tribute to love and relationships, wherever you may be on that journey.


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