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Spring 2023

At the ADC Theatre, Cambridge, April 4th to 8th, 2023

Nominated by NODA for the "Best Musical" in 2023 Award!

Director: Cat Nicol

Musical Director Ana Sanderson

Choreographer: David Mallabone

Billy: Luke Thomas

Julie: Vikki Jones

Carrie: Abigail Mann

Enoch: Edward Chancellor

Jigger: Warren Clark

Nettie: Philippa Clark

Mrs Mullin: Sam Billing

Louise: Isabelle Nugent

Carnival Boy: Dewi Chappel

Starkeeper / Dr Seldon: Richard Scarr

Enoch Junior: Jamie Roach

Ensemble / Heavenly Friend: Georgia Derbyshire

Ensemble / Young Billy: Ted Taras

Ensemble / Dancer: Kirsty Smith

Ensemble / Dancer: Tia Lake


Ensemble / Dancer: Ash Smith

Ensemble / Dancer: Shanta Sabnis-Thomas

Ensemble / Dancer: Elle Brown

Ensemble / Understudy Julie: Danielle Padley

Ensemble / Understudy Billy: Angus Odling

Ensemble / Understudy Nettie: Caroline Dyson

Ensemble / Policemen: Trey Augustus

Ensemble / Mr Bascombe: Lucas Elkin

Ensemble / Dancer / Understudy Mrs Mullin: Simona Morecroftn

Ensemble: Liz Brinsdon

Ensemble: Matthew Zunder

Ensemble: Samuele Tofano

Ensemble: Oliver Oxley

Ensemble / Snow Child: Emily Rainton

Ensemble / Snow Child: Jack O'Connor

Other Snow Children: 

Blue Team: Harry O’Connor, Eleanor Rees, George Fisher

Red Team: Grace Taylor, Zevi Khairdean, Anastasia Lewoski

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